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To Live Is To Dive!

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Action Adventure Divers

We at Action Adventure Divers would like to take this opportunity to welcome all our visitors. We would, in the same breath love to thank you for visiting.




If You've visited St. Lucia and also dove with us in the past or even plan on diving with in the future we'd again love to say thanks for your patronage.




We truly appreciate you and your continued support. We hope that we will always be your choice when on the island  and that we will always be the ones to help you experience the joy of diving in the Caribbean.


Until we meet again, never forget ....


To Live Is To Dive!



Photos Taken By Jim Wheeler, Edited for Web By Michael Harte Jr.

The Merits On Which We Stand




Spanning over a decade of Dive experience, exceeding three thousand dives (3000), under the guidance of our very own PADI Certified Dive Master;


Chester Nathoniel, (Operations Manager) will make certain that all your dive requirements are met, to ensure the experience of a lifetime.


Action Adventure Divers (AAD) seek to provide you with the experience of a lifetime.


To Live is To Dive is the honor which we represent and in light of that we wish to share with you all the joys of diving by giving you the necessary individual attention that you deserve.


So whether you have dived the world over or have never dove before and want to, come visit us at Action Adventure Divers and remember ...... "To Live Is To Dive".

Outside of culture of origin, Action Adventure Divers holds their very own culture.


That culture dictates a respect towards all creatures with emphasis on our marine organisms which in the tropics have been faced with survival challenges of their own.


So we encourage our fellow divers to maintain that respect.


Action Adventure Divers, Soufriere, St. Lucia W.I.